Making Him Fall in Love

Making Him Fall in Love

Falling in love happens differently for everyone and when you fall in love, this can mean that you and your partner have the potential to work well together and to be partners.

If you want to have lasting love, one of you have to be smart and know how to respond to the other person. You have to turn having fun into a long and happy relationship.

Here are some tips on how to make someone love you:


Never always be available to someone that likes you. Even though you will want to be with them, you have to make sure that you are not always available when they call you. Try to have time for you and to be scarcity when they call.

People want things they cannot have and so when you are wanting to be with him all the time, give it a chance for him to miss you. Let him see how much he really likes you when you are not able to be with him.

Eye Contact

When you want to show him how much you like him, stare into his eyes. People that love each other spend more than 70% of their time talking to each other and looking into the eyes of their lover.

Looking at someone can trick the brain into remembering and thinking about them more. When you release these triggers, it causes your brain to fall in love. This is the release of phenylethylamine which is given out by the nervous system.

Staring into his eyes can make him fall madly in love with you.


Pay attention to what the person you are interested in is saying. Let your communication lead to staring at each other and when you are conversing, look them into the eyes. Always slowly look away when you do.

If you feel shy, look at them anyways and let your eyes stare at him until he is done talking. This behavior will show your guy that you are interested in him and what he is saying.

Bedroom Eyes

Try to stare at your partner in a way where you can make your pupils bigger. This is why doing a candlelight dinner can be romantic because when it is darker in the room, it can make your pupils get bigger. The softer the light is, the more attractive your face will look and the bigger your pupils will be.

One study showed that men looked at women as more attractive when their pupils were larger. The same thing happened when women were shown men with bigger pupils.


When you like someone, you want to make sure that you show them the same feelings as they are showing you. Do not be afraid to show what you feel about someone and even if you are dropping subtle hints.

Give your crush a chance to know that you are interested and one of the best ways is by the eyes. The saying goes, “the eyes are the tunnel to the soul,” and this might be truer than you even know.

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