Keep Them from Walking Away

Can Love Keep Them from Walking Away?

There is a difference between someone that loves you and will do anything to keep you and someone that will love you a little bit or in different degrees.

Here are some reasons that people leave you when love isn’t strong enough:

  • They found someone new to love.
  • They loved someone in the past more than they loved you.
  • They like short term love, but they don’t see long term love happening.
  • They like to have sex, but they don’t make good friendships.
  • They have behaviors that look like flaws.
  • They have a hard time trusting you.
  • They have a hard time being calm and collected when with you.
  • They cannot give you the love that you deserve.

This kind of love and leaving happens because they love you but not enough to keep the relationship going.

Loving but Not Together

Some people feel that they love you, but they cannot live with you. Being in a long-term relationship means that you have to consider living together at some point. When you love someone, it doesn’t mean that you can live with them. Living together means that you have to have love, but you have to do things to help each other live and have a happy life.

Here are some reasons that people will leave you when they cannot live with you:

  • They cannot bring out the best in you.
  • They block you from flourishing.
  • They do not feel that they are made for long term.
  • They don’t think you provide good enough even if you are a great lover.

This kind of love and leaving happens because they love you but cannot live with you or support you. They cannot be with someone that they do not have enduring love for.

This kind of love can happen to someone that loves someone a lot, but they choose to divorce them anyways because they feel that they are not able to reach their best self with being in the relationship. They might have different passions that they want to pursue.

People that want to see their partner better over being in love means that they will end the relationship because they feel that their partner would end up miserable if they stayed together. This can mean that they will end the relationship because they worry about the long term.

Do We Just Need Love?

Love is something that can make your life happier. This is something that keeps you healthy and helps you to live a better life. When partners can make it and love each other, they can thrive but sometimes there is love and conflict.

What do we want in our life, love, or our own life? That is something that you have to ask yourself. Do you sacrifice what you want later to be in love? If you make the decision to choose love, you have to make sure that you are ready to face any conflicts that come along.

When someone has a strong desire to have love, they will see that life and conflict go together but as they spend time together, the conflict seems to go away, and the love still stays. Love will never replace your life and there is a connection that allows you and your partner to enhance life together.


It is obvious that not all relationships are going to make it and sometimes you have to just let go of love. Love is not all that you need, what you need is to find love and happiness even when times are hard.

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