Signs You’re Pushing Him Away

Signs You’re Pushing Him Away

One minute you think you are in the perfect relationship and you are happy and carefree and then all of a sudden you find that your guy is trying to leave you and needing space. You want things to work out for you, but you are doing things accidently that are pushing him away.

Here are somethings you should stop doing if you want the relationship to last:

Being Available

You should be careful to be available to someone all of the time. When you are always free, it leaves room for people to take advantage of you. Calling him or texting him everyday can make your relationship tiring. You need to make sure that he has time to miss you and let him come to you when he wants to talk.

Reading Minds

No matter what is going on, someone cannot read your mind or know exactly what you are feeling. When you have desires and feelings, you have to share them with your partner or else he will be left to try to figure out what you are wanting.  Tell him what you want and do not be a puzzle.


If you are always guilting people for messing up, it can cause you and your partner to have problems. No one is perfect and if you make them feel guilty for everything that they do wrong, they will want to break up with you so they can get a break.

Over Sharing

It is fun when you find someone that you trust and you can be open with, but you do not want to tell him everything, especially if you are in a new relationship. Take time to get to know each other so that he does not get overwhelmed by you.


Sex is not the only thing in a relationship even though it is very important. Your partner needs to make sure that your needs are met but you need to make sure you are not neglecting him. Make sure that you show him you care even outside of sex. Do things that make him happy and feel appreciated. Neglecting him might push him away.

Being Your Own Person

One of the worst things about being in a relationship is that many people lose who they are. You cannot give up on who you are just because you are with someone. Let him be attracted to who you are and do not change yourself for him.


When you are constantly judging someone, you are going to push them away. No one wants to always feel like they made a bad choice and when you are constantly judging everything he does, he will want to walk away.


Everything does not have to be a test. If you want the relationship to go somewhere, stop rushing it and learn to show kindness and affection. Relationships are hard work and they are not easy, but no one wants to be in a relationship that is all work and no fun. Learn to not always be so serious and step back and let the relationship be fun.

Doing the Most

You cannot love someone for the both of you. You have to take care of him but stop being obsessive about it. Stop making all of the sacrifices and let it go both ways. Give but also take. Always giving can be a turn off for many guys and it puts pressure on the relationship and makes guys want to stay away.

It is most important for you to be who you are in your relationship and not to have to change. Consider who your partner is and let them love you for who you are, and you love them for who they are.  Stop purposefully sabotaging your relationship that can end up being something good in the end.

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