How to win a love triangle

How to win a love triangle

This looks like an equation of the Pythagoras’s theorem. You both love each other but the lady doesn’t seem to make up her mind. Below are ways you can win that argument and win the lady hopefully.

Your soft side

Men usually think that showing their tough side will win a girl, this is when two men are fighting over the girl. But this is what you should do. Leave the other guy to fight on his own and show the lady your soft side. You will actually win her over. Just show her that you are a little bit weak, shy and nervous. This will make her feel like you’re not pretending but being real with your feelings.

Pick up the phone

In the current world, people prefer instant messaging to communicate. But if you want to be unique, just pick up the phone and speak to her. Women value effort. Do not vibe at her, just talk to her as a friend. Women pay attention to those who talk smoothly so let your goofy side also show.

Refrain from playing games

A real man knows what he wants and don’t hesitate to go for it. Games are for boys. Call her often and never play hard to get. Women get fed up quickly with men who play games since they are professionals in this sector if you didn’t know. They will finally lose interest.

Be straight forward

You’re not alone. Both of you two have been hinting on the lady, the only person who will win is the one who will take it upon himself and tell the lady his feelings. If you get no response after hinting at her, then it’s time to ask her out on that date and confess your feelings. She will make a decision in the end. That’s better than just being there so man up.

Be confident

Embrace the competition. Women love persistent men. Make her aware that although other men are also in the competition, it’s her decision that matters. She will be happy to know that other men are after her but you still have the confidence of approaching her.

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