10 Secrets of a Single Mom

10 Secrets of a Single Mom

How do successful single moms keep it all together?

Get a work schedule that best suits your family

Do not be afraid to share your thoughts with your boss. Let them know that you are a single parent. They will understand as long as you express your needs and adjust your working schedule and allow you to work at a more convenient shift. This is because most bosses want to work with you and not against you.

Have some me time

You can locate some alone time to just take care of yourself and have fun. There is no harm in getting someone to look after your kids and just take that trip or do that pedicure. Being a single mom is not easy therefore you deserve some free time once in a while as long as you have someone who can look after your kids when you are away.

Do not be obsessed with things you cannot control

Focus only on the things you can control. You cannot force your child’s other parent to do things. Let him do that if he wants to. You do not have to be worried over anything and don’t lose sleep over anything.

Count to 10

Be slow to anger. It’s easy to be angry but this is not healthy for your kid and you will regret it later. You can opt to just walk away and laugh it off while counting up to 10. That will make you feel better.

Do not be in a competition with yourself

Don’t try doing all the house chores at once just because you feel there’s a lot do. That’s overwhelming and just do what you can do one at a time. Do not pressurize yourself just make sure your child has some quality time with you.

Take note of the good qualities that men possess

If there’s no man in the picture, make sure you inform your child that there are good men around him. Introduce them to your brother and dad and tell him how much they love him. Let them attend father’s days at school, introduce your kid to your guy friends and let him see how you interact with them.

Congratulate yourself

Congratulate yourself after accomplishing all tasks. Nobody is going to congratulate since you stay alone. Be your own motivator. When your kid is now potty-trained, it’s all because of your hard work, therefore, you deserve recognition.

Always be ready

You are your kid’s entertainer; you should, therefore, be ready always especially with their toys. As you wait for that dinner let the kid have fun with the toys.

Be able to multitask

Always try and accomplish all the work at a go. Wake up early and sleep late as long as you’ll finish all the chores. Get things done at you’ll be happy.

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