End Your Relationship

Signs It is Time to End Your Relationship and Move On

Have you ever been or are you in right now a relationship that you feel is over and you just feel that it is time to move on?

Many people have been in relationships where they thought something would happen and they thought that they met their soulmate only to figure out that it was never going to work out.

Moving on is hard and painful and even if it has taken some time to come to that conclusion, you know that you are doing the right thing.

If you have ever been in a relationship that is not healthy and is not growing, it might be time for you to move on. Here are some things that you should look at and then decide if you should stay or move forward. This can be in friendship or in love.

Past Memories

If you find that you are having more happy memories with this person than you are having present things, it could be a sign that you need to move on. If your relationship isn’t what you hope that it would be and your past memories keep coming up of the good times, it might be time to reconsider your ideas.

This relationship happens now and not in the past. The past memories should be good, but you should be making new memories everyday with that person. If you decide to stay, make sure that you can see your life with them in the future.

Pain Over Joy

Sometimes we think that we are happy because something good happened once, but if you find that you are not happy in your relationship, it can be a sign to move on. If you forget what it feels like to be happy in your relationship, maybe you spend more time being frustrated at them or mad, then it can be a big sign.

If you find that you are always crying or that you are unhappy, figure out what is missing or move on.

Changing You

No one that loves you should ever want you to change. They should want you to be who you are and to be the same as when they met you. If he is trying to tell you to lose weight or to do something different, maybe he is the wrong one for you.

Thinking They Will Change

You can never expect someone to change. If you think that they are going to change then you will be disappointed. You need to be with someone that you love and not someone that you are trying to change to fit what you want. If you cannot accept them for who they are, get out.

Even if the person does change, you will have some other reason that you want them to do something else different and this will produce an unhappy relationship.

Never expect someone to change for you and if they do and become your shadow, chances are that you will never grow, and you will never be happy.

Justifying Actions

If something keeps upsetting you but you keep justifying their actions because of something that you did, this is unhealthy. When there are conflicts in your relationship, you need to figure out why they are happening but if you are blaming yourself, this will cause you to be uncomfortable and make it hard for you to be with that person. You have to have truth and not live in a false world.

When you find that you are always justifying your partner, you need to take a step to figure out what is going on. Do not have expectations that are not going to be met and think that this is okay.

You need to see the reality of what is going on and then talk about it.

Hurting You

Physical and emotional abuse is never okay. If this is happening, then you need to get out. No matter how much they want to make up later, don’t do it.

Physical abuse is easy to see but emotional abuse is sometimes harder. If he is hurting your feelings and wounding your spirit, move on now.

Reoccurring Issues

If something hurt your feelings and you talk about it, but it keeps happening, that can be a sign to move on. Do not let them hurt you over and over again and if things do not change, move on.

Do you find yourself facing the same issues over and over again? Is it always the same outcome but nothing ever changes? If this is happening, you need to figure out if you have a real future with this person.

No Effort

Every person in the relationship has to put in the work to make it work out well. If you both are trying hard, things will work out but if you find that you are the only one that is trying to make the relationship work, maybe you need to move on.

You have to learn to communicate what you are feeling and let your partner know before the situation gets too big to handle.

Different Values

It will be hard to be in any relationship where you don’t have the same values. If you have similar values, you can be friends and you can get close, but if your values are completely different, being together will be hard.

If you have different values and you are not able to back down and neither is he, this can be an end to your relationship.

You Feel Held Back

A relationship is meant to make you feel good and to help you grow. If you feel that you are being held back in your relationship, then it is time to take a deeper look at what you want.

Sometimes people will grow together and sometimes one will grow and the other will not. Depending on how much one grows will depend on if you will stay together or not.

When this happens, you either have to change what you want in the relationship or you have to change yourself. Figure out what is important but make sure that you are always who you want to be.

If your relationship is stopping you from growing, do what is best for you.

You Think Things Will Get Better

You should never stay in a relationship because you hope things will get better. We don’t live in the future; we live in the now. If you cannot be happy now, then you are holding on to something that you hope will be.

The future is something that is a possibility, but you never know what the future will hold. Your relationship should be based on now and if you are not getting what you want, move on.

You Don’t Feel the Same

People and things are always changing and if you find that you have both changed so much that you are no longer feeling the same, think about moving on. Maybe you have become too routine in your relationship or maybe you are starting to break away.

A relationship that doesn’t have strong feelings will have a hard time making it. If you want to party and do your own thing and your partner does his own thing, this is not a relationship you want to stay in.

If the other person doesn’t have feelings for you anymore, know that it is just a way to end your relationship. Do not be angry because true love is letting go do sometimes.

Sometimes we don’t want to let go of things but sometimes we need to so that we can find happiness. Let go of things that are holding you back or that no longer bring you happiness, even in romance or love.

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