Happiness Does Not Always Come with Love

Happiness Does Not Always Come with Love

People often feel that if they find a man that they love that they will find happiness, but the truth is, you will never find happiness just because you find love. You must stop believing that you can only find love if you have a partner in life.

Maybe you are one that believes in fairy tale love and that you see couples that seem so happy. You may even be one of those people that search on social media to see all the happy couples looking at you online.

Chances are you wonder how they are so happy and that you cannot find love, or happiness. You might get curious as to what it takes to be in a relationship and to be happy, but you must learn to ask yourself the right questions.

Ask yourself why you want to be in the relationship and figure out if the reason is because you want to be happy and ask some of these questions:

  • Do I need to have someone to be happy?
  • Why am I basing my happiness on someone else?
  • Do I really want happiness or am I wanting others to think I am happy?
  • What happens if I find a partner and I am still unhappy?
  • How will having a partner make me feel whole and fulfilled?
  • Do I have things in my life that I need to change or is finding a partner going to bring me the most happiness?

What happens though when you fall in love?  Will the world seem different and will you be happy?  Will you forget your purpose, and will you realize that it does not take love to make you find that?  What would you feel like if you did not have a partner and you were getting older?

Stop waiting for someone to love you and learn to love yourself. If you wait for someone to come along that will make you happy then you are allowing your happiness to be based on another person. You are not someone that is empty, you just must figure out how to fill your life with things that make you joyous and make you feel better about who you are.

You need to learn to find your own happiness and to stop seeing yourself as someone that needs saved. You can be the best that you can be and be single.


We all have been looking for love at one time or another, but we cannot base our happiness on finding someone or on how someone treats us.

Learn to be happy in yourself and find ways to fulfill your purpose on your own and let love come to you when the time is right.

You are strong and you are beautiful, and your happiness does not have to be a version of you being with someone, but you can find happiness in yourself by being your best and making sure that you live the best life that you can live.

Have peace in yourself and know that your day will come that you will meet someone new to be in your life but until then, work towards your better self.

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