What Causes Relationships to Die?

What Causes Relationships to Die?

Each relationship that begins will have a honeymoon stage. This is when everything feels perfect and when you feel love without it being hard. As the relationship grows and the time frame becomes longer, you will see that every relationship will have its challenges. There will be times where you might even wonder if you have found the right person or not.

One of the biggest problems in relationships is that you have to put effort into it. There are ways that you can stop your relationship from ending badly and protect you and your love.

Relationship Killers

If you have felt that your relationship has changed, you have to figure out what has made you happy in the past.

Maybe you find that you want to stay together and spend time together each day and when you used to see them, you would feel that they make your life complete. Now, you feel that something is wrong and that you aren’t close to each other anymore.

Why has that happened? This is a time where things can seem disconnected and where you feel that there is no longer a closeness that you felt before. Some people have been in relationships that have caused there to be broken trust such as cheating or dishonesty, but others do not know where the feelings come from.

One reason that people often have problems is because of communication problems. Once the honeymoon stage ends, people often forget that they have to communicate and talk to each other, otherwise, the relationship will die.

Biggest Relationship Problems

Just because you are having problems in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that it is hopeless, there are things that you can do to make your relationship better. You need to figure out what is going on and make sure that you want the relationship to work.


One of the biggest problems in relationships is that people do not know how to communicate. They have a hard time talking and being open and honest. When people start to feel further apart, that probably means that the communication has died.

Never take your partner for granted and expect that they will always be there for you but learn to be honest and open and show them how much you love them.

Family or Friends

Another thing that can cause relationship problems is how your family and friends treat your partner or how much time you spend with them.

Some relationships will suffer because they do not spend enough time with their partner, or they don’t include them in the family affairs.


Stress is one thing that people often have a hard time to manage. This can cause their relationships to struggle. If you see that your partner is isolating themselves, a lot could be going on in their life.

Taking on too much at once can create a problem between you and your partner.


Another problem with relationships is that when people get upset with each other that they have a hard time moving on from it. People will have tension, and this can lead to problems that will cause people to not be able to get along.

Even small things can cause problems in relationship and if you feel that you are having unforgiveness in your life and your relationship, you need to fix this.


If you or your partner are being dishonest with each other, chances are that the relationship will suffer. People need to be intimate and if they are missing out on their intimacy, this can cause the relationship to lose trust and to suffer.


Almost everyone has some kind of baggage in their life such as past breakups or other problems. You must learn to heal before getting into another relationship or the relationship can suffer.

Sometimes relationships struggle because the baggage has caused stress between them. There has to be healing from the past for things to go well.


When a person feels insecure in their relationship, it causes negativity. Insecurity is often found where people are dependent on their partner.

One problem with relationships is being too dependent because it causes a lot of pressure. Everyone has to be responsible for being happy and if the relationship is not going how you hoped, something needs to be changed.


One of the biggest problems in relationships is when people get too comfortable and they become lazy. This can cause them to stop trying to make their partner happy or to not do enough to be helpful.

When someone is too lazy, it can cause them to take others for granted. The relationship will not work out if your partner feels that they are neglected.


Promises in the relationship are good unless they are broken promises. Breaking your problems will cause you to lose trust and will cause you to not feel strong in the relationship.

Never make problems that you cannot keep because this will ruin your relationship fast.

Health or Other Issues

Another thing that can cause problems in your relationship is moving or changing things such as remodeling your home.

If you have health issues in your life, it can put a strain on your relationship.

Protection Against Relationship Problems

One of the biggest things to remember is that life is always going to change. When things get hard, you have to let your partner know that you love them and that you choose them.

Learn to handle conflict in a smart way and learn to get rid of fear and regret in your relationship.

Always have actions that allow you to encourage each other and to help make the relationship stronger.

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