Texting Habits of People When They Are in Love

The Texting Habits of People When They Are in Love

Texting behaviors can be a wonderful way to gain insight into a person’s true feelings.  Gone is the façade people hide behind when they are interacting in person or try to modulate in their voice.  With text messages, you are actually seeing words separate from complex emotions.  Try to breathe through the anxiety or insecurity when texting a person who you are interested in, so that you may better discern the truth.  This way you will avoid chasing someone who doesn’t have feelings for you.

Habit #1:  Prompt responses – Your crush may not reply instantly, but as long as they reply to you within a few hours or explain a longer delay, it shows that they value your time and feelings.

Habit #2: Takes an interest in you – Your crush will use texting as a way of getting to know you.  This includes asking questions and taking your perspective into consideration.

Habit #3:  They are direct with their needs and desires – You may get some clear and concise texts about where you guys might want to go for a date or if you have seen that latest episode of your favorite show.  They know both of your time is precious and they don’t want to play games.

Habit #4:  They are interested in your day – These texts will be a refreshing change from the “what’s up?” messages you might have gotten in the past.  Instead, these texts will inquire about your day and interests.  Your crush will use this information to make sure they can fit themselves into your life and spend quality time together with you.

Habit #5:  Attentiveness – When someone like you they make an effort to pay more attention to you and your needs.  They will remember things you have previously mentioned and try to surprise you with small, but impactful gifts.  It may seem small at the time, but it’s a sure sign they are interested in you.

Habit #6:  Desire to spend time together – Texts are meant to serve as a gateway to asking for a date and spending time together.  This person goes beyond the talk to meaningful action.

Habit #7:  Extended conversations – People who are interested in you want to let a conversation flow.  They want to find the balance of avoiding seeming needy, but other will keep the thread going until they reach a natural point of asking you out.

Habit #8: Strong emoji game – Typically emoji’s will be used as a flirtation tool to help keep things light and keep you smiling.

Habit #9: You trade conversation starters – You both find a balance between instigating and active responding.  But it’s a great sign when they start the conversation because it shows they are interested and bold in taking initiative.

Habit #10: They send lengthy texts – Keep in mind not everyone is a chatterbox.  But when someone replies with a single word it shows they are distracted or not taking you seriously.  As the text get longer and deeper, it signals they are opening up and becoming vulnerable with you.

Habit #11: You receive good morning and goodnight messages – This are small, but extremely caring gestures.  It signals they want to be the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing they think about as they drift off to sleep.

Habit #12:  They share their history – Serious suitors know relationships require two active partners.  Sure, someone can ask a lot about you, but how much are they sharing about themselves.  When someone shares personal stories, it shows they want to take your bond to a deeper level and to be a true partner to you.

Habit #13:  They text you when out in public – This shows that you are always on their mind, no matter who else they might be with.  They are also probably talking about how much they like you to their friends and family, which is always a great sign!

Habit #14:  They text memes, pics, music and more with you!  Pay close attention to all the different things they are sharing with you.  If they are sharing things they enjoy like their favorite latest track, a funny .gif, or a great photo with the boys it shows they are hoping that you will share their interest and you can discuss what parts you both enjoyed most.

When you are texting with a person, it helps reveal their inner feelings a bit more easily.  By decoding texting behavior, you can more easily see where you stand in their eyes and if you have a chance at happy future together.

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