4 Steps to Reignite Your Love Life

4 Steps to Reignite Your Love Life

Being in love is one of the best feelings.  However, if you are lacking in romance, the loneliness you can feel is equally as powerfully.  Unfortunately, failed relationships are common as over 50% of first marriages and over 65% of second marriages end in divorce.

However, relationship don’t end overnight.  Typically, there is a period where the shine of love has dimmed with partners sensing negative changes in the dynamic.  However, knowledge is power and with intervention and honest dialogue romance can bloom again.

Here are four steps to help you and your paramour reignite your love:

  1. Be clear on your needs! When you realize what is important to you, you can begin to form a concrete plan.  Remember the saying: “Where attention (or intention) goes, energy flows.” If you want to fall more deeply in love with your partner, don’t wait around for them – take action yourself!  Advocate for you needs and encourage dialogue to learn how you can address their issues as well.
  2. Be aware! Be willing to look beyond your biases to see the situation for what it truly is.  What is going on with your partner?  Why might they be acting in this less than desirable way?  Try to give them the benefit of the doubt and be willing to shift perspective to see the key issues from their eyes.  Otherwise, reciprocal love won’t be feasible.
  3. Trust your instincts! Deep down you know what is necessary to keep yourself healthy.  Don’t over think things, otherwise you risk analysis paralysis.  Be willing to understand when you are experience a thought, feeling or when a deeper issue is at play.  Avoid being prideful and only focusing on your better qualities or their shortcomings.  That will only lead to unnecessary heartache.
  4. Have faith! If you can’t trust that your relationship will work out, then it’s doomed to fail.  If you can’t remember why you chose this partner from the millions or other people out there, then your relationship is doomed to fail as well.  See your partner as they are: the good, the bad, and their guiding compass.  Discover ways to have fun together and reconnect at a friend basis to help your walls come down naturally.  Trust the process that relationships have a natural cycle of partners coming together and needing space alone.  If you have faith in rebuilding your union, then love with naturally reignite.

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