Are Soulmates the Same as Twin Flames

Are Soulmates the Same as Twin Flames

It might feel like we hear the term “Soulmate” and “Twin Flame” used interchangeably.  But do they really mean the same thing?  Although they are similar, the both have distinct purposes along our soul’s journey.  You will find you will encounter a variety of soulmate over the course of your lifetime, but only a few chosen souls can possess a single Twin Flame.  It is okay, if you not someone destined for a Twin Flame, for each soul is blessed and has a unique purpose.

Simply put, “Soulmates” are soul we encounter along our path to enlightenment that feels akin to us.  They are sent by the divine to awaken our spirit and implore us to learn critical lessons to allow us to be our very best.  “Twin Flames” are the result of a spirit cleaving in two resulting in a divinely perfect partner for us, although it may take many lifetimes to rejoin them in romantic union.  The goal of a soulmate bond is to heighten each other’s consciousness, whereas a Twin Flame allows us to radiate higher vibrations that heighten the consciousness of the entire planet through our shared ascension towards enlightenment.

Understanding Soulmates

Soulmates are not just romantic.  They can be relatives, friends or special people that leave an impression on your life.  The purpose of these bonds is to help you both grow and reach the next levels on your quest for enlightenment.  In each soulmate relationship, you will challenge each other to reach new heights in order to be the best version of yourselves possible.  When they enter your life, it might feel like you were destined to know this person, and you may experience ebbs and flows with their physical presence in your life.

Understanding Twin Flames

You can only have one Twin Flame, when you come together you feel a positive energetic shift.  This shift will ultimately not just benefit the both of you, but the entire planet.  Typically, Twin Flames seek to create something in tandem to elevate the consciousness of the planet, and perhaps the universe.  It is common for many lifetimes to pass before this is possible.  So, it is feasible that may have met your Twin Flame already, but one or both of you have not learned enough lessons yet to complete your mission together in this incarnation.  Once you have learned to master your relationship and unique gifts, you both will ascent together and complete your work on a metaphysical plane of existence.  As you can see, the purpose of Twin Flames is to grow and eventually yoke together to serve the universe’s inhabitants.

How do I know if I’m in a Soulmate or Twin Flame relationship?

Below are two list for traits common in each set of relationship.


  • Sense of fate or destiny to meet
  • May or may not be a romantic relationship
  • Relationship felt on a mind, body and soul level
  • Intense connection that varies in intensity
  • Focus on tackling challenges to enhance your perceptions or life expectations
  • Presence of critical life lessons or alteration to your life’s path
  • Ability to uncover and purge past pains and traumas to facilitate healing
  • Tendency for a strong past life connection
  • Relationship dynamic can drastically shift once a lesson has been learned
  • Ability to reach a new and higher level of consciousness or spirituality

Twin Flame

  • Sense of instant connection
  • Typically romantic, but there will be sense of “partner for life”
  • Relationship is felt on a mind, body, soul, and celestial level
  • Connection is strong, constant and unwavering
  • Connection doesn’t require you to be in close physical proximity to each other
  • Any challenges are felt internally rather than brought up for the sake of the other
  • A desire to be yoked together to facilitate lasting societal change
  • Strong past life connection as another team.  Frequently you both might feel like this is your lastly earthly lifetime
  • Relationship purpose is to prepare for ultimate enlightenment and heighten higher consciousness for the planet and perhaps the broader universe.

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