Types of Women Men Fall For

Types of Women Men Fall For

Is there more to falling in love with a woman than falling in love with her looks or body? Men fall in love with women that are confident and those that will reach out and change their ideas and perspectives. Men want a woman that will inspire him and make him feel crazy inside.

Here are some reasons men fall in love:

Being Special

Men like women that do not have to do what everyone else is doing or ones that do not feel forced to follow the crowd.

They want to be with women that do their own thing and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Women love men that are interesting and unique.


Men like women that respect themselves. They want someone that will not be afraid to stand up for themselves or believe in what they do.

Winning Them

Men like a challenge when they are interested in a woman and they want to have the fun of chasing them.

He will want someone that makes him better who he is and that does not turn their eyes to how he behaves. He wants someone that will set boundaries in their relationship and will make them want to be better and not make mistakes.

Happy Women

Men will fall in love with women that enjoy having fun and laughing. They want someone that is funny and carefree and that have happy lives, hobbies, and friends.

These guys will fall in love with women who have goals and will accept the challenges of life head on. The want to be with someone that is strong and determined.


Men fall in love with women that are excited about things in life such as nature or beauty. They like women that will take time to smell the flowers and notice how the leaves are changing.

Men like women that love their life and things around them. They want someone that will notice natural beauty and not be superficial.

Afraid to Lose

Men fall in love with women who don’t need someone to take care of them and are independent. Even if they would enjoy having company, they can do it on their own and take care of themselves.

They will fall in love with independent women and they will be afraid to lose them. They like women that can-do things on their own and they notice how strong, honest, and hardworking they are.


Men fall in love with women who let them have their own space when they need it and someone that will let them spend time with their friends and their family.

They like someone that can have their own life and doesn’t always run to them or change their plans to be with them.

They want someone to make them feel that they are home in their heart and in their life and that they make life seem cozy and fun without even working hard at it.


Men like women that can show their emotions. They like women that can laugh when they mess up or giggle when they do stupid things.

They fall for women that are positive and that do not become overly anxious or judgement in situations. They want someone that will not be ashamed of who they are and will not let small things get them down.

Men want a woman that can be playful, fun, stubborn, strong, innocent, and more.

Other People

Men fall in love with women that can stand up for who they are. They want someone that can demand people to love them no matter what and not to judge them.

They will fall for women that don’t care what others think about them and that value their own lives such as their career, their family, friends and who they choose to date.

Men love a woman who is not afraid to take risks in life. They want someone that will inspire them and say what they are thinking and not be afraid of societies opinions.

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