All Women Deserve These Things in a Man

All Women Deserve These Things in a Man

We all know life can be unfair at times and rarely do we get everything we really want. This is something we live with and understand; it’s fine. No one will have expectations met 100% of the time, but we learn to value what we do have and make the most of what life tosses at us daily. One essential skill we all must learn is the value of compromise so we can still live in a world that does not go our way, but we can still see value. However, we can only compromise to a certain extent and need to know our boundaries. While it is convenient to settle for things again and again, this lowers our standards over time and we will begin to accept so much less than what is deserved.

No one should have to settle for a mediocre love life. No love is perfect, but your love life should always be magical. Love is so powerful that it changes peoples’ lives and one area that we should never settle in. This does not mean you do not make compromises and you must keep expectations reasonable, but there are standards all men should be willing to meet. These are shared below.

You Deserve

  • A man who impacts’ your life positively, never one who takes from who you are in life.
  • A man who truly misses you when you are not around, but gives space when needed.
  • A man who treats you with care and compassion while being respectful and acting as a true gentleman.
  • A man who is willing to challenge you to grow in a loving and kind way because he wants the best for you.
  • A man who behaves in a way that shows how much he wants you, working to keep you in his life.
  • A man who includes you in his life without sidelining you from certain parts. You should feel like you know him, his friends, and family as if they are your own.
  • A man who makes an effort to meet your needs when he can help.
  • A man who will discuss your future together to give you peace of mind and security.
  • A man who is romantic in a way that makes you feel like the only girl for him.
  • A man who you are happy to wake up to in some form every morning, whether beside him, through a call, or a simple “good morning” text.
  • A guy who sees you as a priority and keeps promises he made to show unconditional love.

You deserve so much from a relationship and the things above are not about looks or money, just the feelings that he brings into your life.

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