Stop Blaming Yourself

Stop Blaming Yourself

Guilt is something that is not necessary and can waste your feelings. There is a time when you might should feel guilty, but it should never take over things in your life, especially if you re sorry and trying to fix things. Instead of focusing on what you regret, move forward in your life, and learn from your mistakes.

Saying Sorry

If you have already apologized to the person that you hurt, no matter how bad the situation was, you need to make amends, but you cannot make someone to forgive you.

You are responsible for how you handle things and only yourself. If you have apologized, do not stay feeling guilty and move forward. The other person can accept it or not, that is not your choice.

If you have apologized and you still feel bad, talk to someone that can hep you to vent your feelings and move forward in your life.

Changing the Past

You cannot change what you did in the past. No matter what you have done and where you have gone in your life, you need to look at things differently. What do you regret in your life that has happened or that you have done? What makes you feel guilty even today?

Now change your way of thinking and think about what you learned from what happened. What did it help you to do? You should have learned a lesson and if you are feeling guilty, know that all things happen for a reason and it is up to you to figure out why. Regretting your past actions will not help you, just learn to move forward.


Being guilty will take away your energy and leave you feeling bad and hating yourself. What does this do to you to help out? If you aren’t able to make amends, think about how you can do that. Stop being upset that someone has chosen not to forgive you because you cannot force this. But you can give to others and be better than you were before.


When you seem to have a hard time getting over your past and your regrets, you are living in your past.

You should never be so guilty that you are not able to grow or move forward. Take advantage of things that you have done in your past so that you can learn and move forward.

If you need to talk to someone, find a psychic that can help you to move on. Find out why you feel bad and what you can do to make yourself feel better.

Someone that is able to listen to your feelings and help you to understand your life can help you to get past your regret.

A life that is full of guilt will never be a happy life. Learn from your mistakes and move forward so that you can find peace and happiness.

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