Loving Yourself and Your Relationship

Loving Yourself and Your Relationship

When you love someone, chances are that you love yourself, but you can love someone even if you haven’t learned how to love who you are yet. The problem is not that you cannot give love, the problem is that when you don’t love yourself, you have a hard time accepting the love from others.

Not loving yourself means that you are someone that cannot believe when someone tells you that they love you and how much they care about you.

You always doubt the good things that people say to you and when someone is nice to you, you don’t understand why because you don’t feel that you are worth anything good.

You are never able to see what someone sees in you if it is good and you think they are lying to you when they say nice things or that they are just trying to make you feel better. You have strong feelings about who you are and what you are and when someone likes you, you have a hard time with this.

When someone has strong feelings for you, you worry that you will disappoint them or that they will hurt you. You also might struggle with the idea that someone could like who you are because you feel annoying or frustrating to others.

When you cannot love yourself, you hate to be attached to others because you are afraid that they will leave you and hurt you. You never want to take the chance to let them stay because you are afraid of being disappointed in them and in yourself.

You believe that no one can like you enough to stay around with you and you feel that the more you stay with them, the faster they will figure out who you are and will leave you.

When you do not love yourself, you will make the person that likes you frustrated. They will tell you how great you are and how beautiful you are, and you will not be able to do anything but frown and shake your head.

When they tell you that they want to be with you and only you, you will think that they are seeing someone else or that they like anyone else they look at. You will wonder why they like you and you will not trust them, and they will never understand why you don’t have any trust for them.

This will be someone that has always respected you and treated you like a queen, but you will still never believe that they are liking you and that they only care about you. You will automatically think that they are cheating on you because you cannot imagine that they could like you.

When you hate yourself, you feel that you have problems that aren’t even there. You imagine that life is horrible and that the person you are with is thinking bad things about you. No matter how often they tell you that you are beautiful and smart, you do not believe them, and you think they are making things up.

When you don’t love yourself, you will sabotage anything good that comes in your life. You will believe that they are lying because you are insecure, and you do not think that anyone could really like you.

You end up being hurt but you are the one that hurts yourself because no matter what your partner tells you, you expect it to end in heartbreak and so you allow it to get there faster by pushing that person away. You want to be in control of the situation, and you want to always be the one that calls the shots.

No matter if you love yourself or not, if you want to make a relationship in your life to last, you have to stop fighting with the person that is on your side. You have to let them walk with you and you have to stop pushing them away. You need to attach to them and let them love you. You need to fall in love and allow yourself to feel that you cannot live without them.

Stop telling yourself that they are leaving you and allow yourself to be open to love. Relationships are hard when you don’t love yourself, harder than most people know.

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