Romance into Lasting Love

Romance into Lasting Love

A whirlwind relationship is a relationship where you have found a partner that will last a long time, but the relationship initially is fast, and it usually starts with infatuation. When you lay eyes on this person for the first time, you cannot stop thinking about them and this forms oxytocin in your brain that is the love hormone and it causes you to want to have a relationship with them.

We know people who fall in love and their relationships last forever, but we also know ones that turn to marriage too quickly and they discover that they needed to be more connected before they even considered marriage.

Nothing is wrong with being happy and excited in a relationship and having attention and love, but you have to remember that it takes time for something to turn into lifelong love.

When It Seems Right

When something seems right for both of you it is time to communicate about what you want. You need to take time to share your feelings and say what you are thinking and learn to share other things. You can see that you have been missing things and you need to discuss what goals you have for the future. What do you both want as a couple? Kids? Career? Living? Make sure that you use your personality differences to seal the deal and see if you have a real connection.

Problem with Fast Romance?

There are problems with fast romance sometimes because couples do not take time to get to know one another. Some relationships that move fast will be people that have known each other for years and have been attracted to each other for some time.

There are some relationships though that will fade quickly because of them not taking time to get to know each other. Having an instant attraction is fun but when there are problems and things begin to fade, it is important to find out what is going on.

Relationship Choices

Some people will seem to have a perfect romance while the circumstances can be both good and bad. This can turn into a relationship that lasts forever where it continues in marriage and children together, even to grandchildren.

Some relationships that are fast will end badly and people find that once the relationship becomes a lifetime commitment that they don’t want to make the sacrifices to make their partner happy. Make sure that you are moving at the right speed so that you can know what kind of romance you are about to get in to.

Sometimes a bad dating relationship or experience will cause a marriage to end in divorce and this does not mean that all outcomes will be the same, so always have an open mind.

Make sure that you share with your partner your past experiences and any doubts that you have before you get too seriously. Think about what happiness means to you and learn to put the interest of both you and your partner on trial so that you can make sure that you are finding happiness together and it isn’t just one sided.

Learn about your partner as you move on through the relationship and find out what makes you both happy and work together towards love.

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