Risk Love Again

Risk Love Again By Letting Down Your Walls

When we get hurt in love, one response it to refuse to ever let it happen again. Heartbreak is tough on us physically and emotionally. When we shut out others, we build walls around our hearts to protect ourselves from pain. The good news is, this is our choice and we can choose to be open to loving once again.

A few reasons to take the risk and love again are shared below:

Heartbreak Heals

If we are willing to do the things that help us move on after a breakup, we can heal, but only if we are willing to be vulnerable. When we build walls, we are not protecting our fragile hearts, we are holding the pain in so it stays trapped. We need to learn to feel the heartache, grieve, fill in the gaps, and then let go so we can move on. We will need to let go of several thing like unforgiveness, bitterness, a sense of unfairness, a need to be right, our imagined future, and our resentment toward an ex. We may want to hold onto these things, but letting go is much healthier. If we refuse to let go, we end up stuck and our hearts harden. This gives power and space to our ex and they do not deserve that. We have the ability to heal our hearts, but we have to allow it to happen.

Relationships Teach Us Things

Some relationships last months, some years. It can hurt when these relationships end, but we should not feel regret for having been in them. When we are in relationships, we learn about ourselves, what we want, and most importantly, what we do not want. We also learn about our values, but we do so by being in relationships. In life, we tend to regret inaction more than taking a risk and failing. In relationships, if we hold back and remain guarded, we cannot learn nearly as much. While some relationships just generally stink, at least we can learn something from them. Action is how we learn, but fear can stop action in its tracks.

Don’t Let Fear Rule

It can be easy to let fear and anxiety rule our lives. If we allow them to get out of control, every aspect of life can be negatively affected. We can be left lonely and hard. Even when we are afraid, we do not have to let fear control our actions. We are bigger than any of our fears and finding love is worth the battle to overcome.

Love is Worth It

Being in love is incredible. It is a special connection with another person that only comes in a romantic relationship. The little moments in these relationships can make a huge impact. Things like the small inside jokes, silly dates full of laughter, or snuggling during a movie leads to deep chats and secrets you only share with one another. The little moments and the big are worth risking heartbreak for love. It is completely worth it.

Perhaps you have decided that all men or women are trouble and it is not worth getting hurt once again. You may have sworn off relationships and decided to just protect your heart. If that is working for you and you are living a happy and fulfilled life, then that is fine. However, you are letting your ex stop you from enjoying all other people in life. While there is nothing wrong with being single, if you feel ready to be with someone, then love is worth it. You deserve so much more than a broken heart and bitterness. Let your heartbreak heal and then take the chance.

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