Life After a Divorce

Life After a Divorce

Even though divorce is hard, it is not the end of the world or your life.  Going through this though can be some of the hardest times that you will have to face.  Even if you have come to the decision that it’s the best thing, it can still be hard.

It is hard since there will be sadness and heartbreak and you will feel like you will never be happy again.  Inner peace will be far from your mind and you will not be sure how to move on.

Your idea of a life-long relationship will end, and you will have expected that you and your partner would be together forever, just to find that it is over.

If you have children together, you will be a single parent and you will have to deal with them moving to a different home and starting a new life.  Will this be safe for them?

Unless you can find a way to share the home you have been living in, you will have more financial difficulties and you will have to each find a new place to live.

If you have saved for new things, you probably will have to wait so that you can afford your new move.  Your friendships will change, and you will no longer enjoy the company that you both once loved to have.  You might have to choose who you stay friends with and who you move away from.

Your pet that you love might have to go live with your ex and you will have to divide the things in your home that you have bought together.  This won’t be easy, but you can find happiness again.

Accept It

You have to learn to accept that your relationship is ending.  You have to become courageous and accept that this is hard but that you can make it through it.

You might not want to tell people at first that your marriage has ended, but it will come to a point where you will have to tell them the truth.

Being honest with yourself and those around you is hard but it can help you to move on with your new life.  When you accept that this has happened, you can start your new journey.

Get Help

When you go through a divorce, it can be lonely and hard.  It will take time to get rid of the pain in your heart.  When they leave, reach out to people that you trust or professionals.  Talk to them and let them know how you are feeling.

Don’t jump right into a new relationship, you need time to heal.  Let your life be on hold for a while you work through everything that has happened.

You will have a team of people that can help you through these things, let them.  Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

Love Yourself

Allow yourself to heal.  Love who you are and don’t blame yourself or be too hard on yourself.  Learn to love and accept yourself and who you are.  Loving yourself helps you to heal and takes time.

Make sure that you do self-care and that you take care of what is going on inside and outside of your life.  Name things that you need to work on to be a better you.  Here are some things you can start with:

  • Working out
  • Being kind to others.
  • Read a good book.
  • Listen to music.
  • Watch movies.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Eat Health
  • Love yourself
  • Sleep in.


Allow yourself to grieve and to be sad.  Here are some things that you might feel sad about:

  • Your marriage ending.
  • Your dream of a happy marriage.
  • The loss of your lifetime love.
  • The idea of a happy family.
  • Loss of friends.
  • Loss of family.
  • Loss of security.

You have to deal with this grief, and you have to learn to face it.  Go to people that allow you to vent and offer you a safe space to share your feelings and do that.

Experience the ideas of letting your emotions out.  After you do this, you will know that you will always have memories, but it will not affect your daily life.

If you never feel like you are getting better, go to a professional for help.

Keep Your Values

When you divorce, your emotions will be strong.  You will feel mad and hurt.  You will be in shock of what happened.

This is a hard time, but you have to deal with it.  You have to keep the values that you had and stay healthy in your heart and mind.  Don’t say things that you will regret.  Don’t lose these values:

  • Honor your emotional and spiritual health.
  • Love your neighbor.
  • Treat others with kindness.
  • Be thankful each day.


Forgiveness is going to be the most important part of this change.  Learn to forgive your partner, yourself and anyone that you feel has helped make the divorce happen.

Forgiveness takes time and does not happen overnight but work towards it.  You will get to the point where you will no longer be angry, and you will be able to forgive.

This will take time and you have to get to this point before you will be able to form more relationships.

Find a Hobby

Find something that you love to do and work towards doing it.  Get to the point where you want to live a happy life and find something to do that you are passionate about.

If you don’t know what to do or what makes you happy, start experimenting and find out.  Find things to do in your town and with new people.

It is hard to find new interests, but you can find new friends and new things to do.

Going through a divorce is hard and might be one of the hardest things that you will ever face, but this pain and hurt will end.

The only way through it though is to make sure you work through the pain and sadness and that you try to better yourself.

You have time and you don’t have to do this alone.  Talk to your friends and your family and let them help you to move towards healing.

Take the opportunity to have a new chapter in your life and increase your self-love and your wisdom.  Use this insight when you find new relationships and be courageous in yourself.

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