Is Your Love Life on Fast Forward?

Is Your Love Life on Fast Forward?

Every day women and men find someone that is perfect for them, but immediately they start to find red flags. The problem is, these are not real red flags, but symptoms of the person who is seeing them. This persona has likely been hurt in the past or ha several bad dating experiences and is now worried that if they allow the perfect person into their lives it will all go terribly wrong. The problem is, they are likely not to fin out because they are too busy pushing the right person away out of fear. The excitement and passion are quickly replaced with fear, jealousy, or a clinginess that scares people off.

What the person feels is a way to protect themselves, what the potential partner feels is interrogation or suffocation in a relationship that has only started a few weeks before. Fun and playful move into fearful and intense rapidly. This is because while you may feel like he should know in a few weeks if he wants to spend a lifetime together, he was still enjoying the fun times.

Commitment is serious. It is unreasonable to believe anyone can tell you with integrity that they will love you forever. That is why dating relationships often last years, to see how compatible you really are before asking to get married. Expecting your man to promise that he will be with you forever is asking for trouble. He can do one of two things: lie or leave. If he leaves, it is because of the pressure of the demand.

While you should still reasonably expect a ring after two or three years and should walk away if the relationship is stagnant, you cannot push love. Let it develop on its own over time, organically. Asking for promises too early does not protect you from hurt. Sit back and enjoy a new relationship as it unfolds. When he is ready to talk and commit, he will let you know.

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