How to stop loving someone

How to stop loving someone

When you are in love, you feel amazing. But when the love stops, you are stuck with all of these feelings and no where to go.

So how do you stop loving someone?

What do you now?

Now that you are rejected and alone, you can find yourself spending nights crying and dwelling on your situation. It happens to us all.

So how do you get rid of the love?

First of all if you truly loved them in the first place, you will aways have a plan in your heart for them. What you need to do is accept the fact that, for some reason, a relationship with them right now is impossible.  Who knows if you will every get back together, but now is not the time to dwell on it. You need to accept that, for now, it’s over. You need to learn to let go.

The next thing to do is accept that everything is indeed over.  You can try to tread water and force things to continue, but there is no way to make someone be with you. It’s not true to you or fair to your partner. Sometimes things just don’t work out. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can move on.

The next logical step is to let go by cutting off communication. Stop contacting them and stop letting them contact you. Perhaps one day you will be friends, but not until you have spent some time apart. If they don’t respect your space, you are better off blocking them.

The next step is a hard one, but don’t have a rebound fling.  If you immediately move into someone else’s arms, you haven’t allowed yourself to get over the first guy.  You need to give yourself time to grieve over the relationships.  It’s okay to spend some time alone with your thoughts and feelings.  And it is definitely ok to tell your friends you are not ready to meet someone.

Give yourself some time to heal from this relationship. There is no set time for grief and healing. Take what you need to heal yourself.  There is no time limit.  If you move too quickly, you run the risk of making terrible decisions.

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