Happiness tips for individuals who have been through a hard time

Happiness tips for individuals who have been through a hard time

Maybe you’ve been through a lot of pain and thought you’d overcome it only for the pain to become more unbearable, whatever that might be, you’ve been overwhelmed with it for many days.

Like everybody else, I have been hurt in distinct ways, I have overcome the pain with the following tips:

  1. Identify your pain

Identifying and comprehending what’s hurting you is hard. Some individuals prefer staying in abusive relationships just to avoid the many layers of pain; desperation, loosing of self-esteem and the fear of starting all over again.

The first step to finding happiness after you have been hurt is to understand why you got hurt in the first place, what made you that hurt such that you are finding it hard to forget.

  1. Show that pain

We are not sure whether you’ll be able to express how you feel to the individual who hurt you. And if you can, you are not sure whether they’ll give you feedback. Just say all the things you need to say anyway.

  1. Don’t stay in the past

You can be addicted to reliving the past. It gives you the chance of repeating things. it also helps you comprehend better what happened or what you did wrong.

In short, you’ll just be torturing yourself despite what you should have dealt with. You will have to look for a professional counselor to help you overcome what happened.

  1. Don’t tell the story

You might feel like telling another person your pain will make you feel better or it will ease the pain. But truth be told, this will just keep you stuck where you are, you will find it hard living your life since the memories will still be lingering on your mind.

Nothing will change what has already happened. You won’t be happy if you still hold onto a past story. The only way you can find happiness is by letting it go and giving room for healing.

  1. Forgive yourself

Maybe you did not do anything wrong or maybe you are responsible for your current situation. Despite what took place, you need to know that it doesn’t tell who you are as a person. You deserve a break-even if what you did was intense.

You only have two options, you either forgive yourself and create the possibility of happiness, or you punish yourself and submit to misery.

  1. Don’t let the pain identify you

It will not be easy for you to move on if everything you do and all your relationships rotate around something that hurts you.

You will understand that releasing your story has a lot of impacts and makes sense. That you will feel better than you ever imagined if you stop letting your pain define you.

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