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Creating Your Own Love

Is it ever on your mind to ask why some girls get all the luck in love?  The truth is when they try dating it seems like they find Mr. Right at the ballgame or bump into him at the supermarket while you can’t ever seem to find the right person no matter how hard you try.

The truth is that love is not only chance, and you need to help things go in your favor.

Change How You Roll

Stop doing the same routine over and over again. Change the places that you go and change what you are normally doing. Go to a new park or go on a trail where you can meet new people. Try new things and come up with fun ideas that can bring you better luck.


Make sure that you love who you are, and you look like a winner. You will have better luck finding someone when you are happy, and you are doing things in fun. You will meet someone when you act like a winner in your game and then things will get real.


Don’t stay in your apartment and base your love life only on online dating. Do other things like go to a yoga class or go to a potluck so that you can meet new people.


Have confidence in yourself and know that you are responsible for your own happiness.  Have a full and fun life and do not get frustrated if you don’t meet someone immediately.

Leave it to Chance

Allow chance to come along and play a role in your life. Clean your life up and make there be things you are looking for but do not be too picky. Don’t be blinded by style or looks or you will not ever find who is perfect for you.


Take a chance and give someone a shot before you blow them off. If you meet someone new, let them set off a vibe that you like and if you do then take a chance with them. You might see how great they are and want to go further with them.


Always be positive and don’t be one of those people that talk negative about everything. Be happy in what you have and who you are and enjoy your time of dating.

Let it Go

Let go of things from the past and let there be new possibilities in your life. Let new things come to you and embrace them.


Stop searching for love magic and let love just to come to you. Put yourself out there and enjoy life and you will see how much things change over time.

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